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Are you concerned that your child may have autism? Or perhaps you've noticed concerning mood, attention, or behavior problems? We understand how important it is to identify potential issues early on and provide the right support. 

Introducing Dr Arielle Rubin's Diagnosis Screeners - a valuable tool to help you gain insights and narrow down possibilities. Our screening assessments are designed to assist you in understanding your child's symptoms and potential risk factors for autism and mental health disorders.

🧩 Autism Symptom Screener: If you suspect your child may have autism, our screener can help. Answer Dr Arielle's series of carefully crafted questions to gauge the likelihood of autism spectrum disorder.

🌈 Mental Health Screener: Is your child experiencing concerning mood swings, attention difficulties, or behavioral challenges? Our mental health screener can offer valuable insights. Developed by Dr Arielle Rubin, this assessment evaluates various factors to assess the risk of common mental health disorders.

Free Autism Mental Health Screener

By using these screeners, you can gather important information to bring to your doctor's appointment. They serve as a resource to help you have more informed discussions about your child's development and well-being.

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