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Introducing Dr. Arielle Rubin's New Book:

Autism Roadmaps

Available Early 2024

Are you or a loved one navigating the complex journey of autism?

Do you seek clarity, support, and expert guidance on the often-challenging path of mental health on the spectrum?

Look no further.

Dr. Arielle Rubin's groundbreaking book, Autism Roadmaps: A Complete Guide to Navigating Mental Health on the Spectrum, is your compass for understanding, coping, and thriving.

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In Autism Roadmaps, Dr. Arielle Rubin, a leading expert in autism and mental health, shares her wealth of knowledge and experience.

This comprehensive guide empowers individuals on the autism spectrum, their families, caregivers, and professionals.

Dr. Rubin's compassionate and authoritative voice provides invaluable insights, strategies, and tools to help you chart a course toward better mental health.

Dr. Arielle Rubin has become a valued resource and partner in the psychological care of my daughter.

With other providers, I was left to navigate her medication on my own. With Dr Rubin, she has been heavily involved in overseeing her medication, which is such a relief.

Beyond medication, she has also
provided us with many other helpful suggestions that continue to improve my daughter's wellbeing.

—Tom W.

Dr. Arielle Rubin worked with my son in the clinic.

She helped him so much over the years and together we got him to a stable and healthy place. Dr. Arielle Rubin really focused on what challenges and triggers my son faced throughout the day and tailored his treatment so he could manage those challenges better.

She really listened to his needs and came up with creative and practical steps that we could do to help him.

—Liz R.

Dr. Arielle Rubin is definitely thorough!

Dr. Arielle Rubin has finally figured out a medication to help my daughter’s mood that does not give her terrible side effects. My daughter was dealing with severe depression and low mood.

I like that Dr. Rubin was willing to try many different options to help my daughter. She is definitely thorough and explains why she is trying certain medications and therapies.


What you'll find in the Autism Roadmaps book:


Understanding Autism

Delve deep into the world of autism spectrum disorder. Gain a profound understanding of the unique strengths and challenges individuals with autism face.


Navigating Mental Health

Learn how to address the often-overlooked mental health aspects of autism. Dr. Rubin sheds light on anxiety, depression, sensory sensitivities, and more.

Building Resilience

Discover practical strategies for enhancing emotional well-being. From mindfulness techniques to coping mechanisms, you'll find a toolkit for resilience.

Family Support

Autism doesn't just affect individuals; it impacts entire families. Dr. Rubin offers guidance on fostering understanding, communication, and support within your family unit.

Professional Insights

Are you a healthcare professional or educator? "Autism Roadmaps" provides essential knowledge for working with individuals on the spectrum, helping you give the best possible care and support.

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